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From conception and strategy to design and implementation, builds and hosts premium websites for businesses, associations, government, and Fortune companies.

New customers embark on a journey to online success through our 6 step process. This process, honed over the last 5 years, allows us to design and develop websites that meet the overall goals and objectives of our clients as well as to provide a satisfactory and engaging experience for their site viewers. Using this approach has proved extremely effective, garnering us many awards and delivering our clients hugely successful online solutions.

We’ll start by discovering each of your web needs and identifying a backlog of all the requirements necessary to complete your project. From there, that backlog will be divided into Sprints to tackle the highest priority or items with the greatest dependent features first. Once a Sprint is completed, we collaborate directly with you to ensure that we are incorporating your feedback into the process. At this point, we rinse and repeat until the project backlog of requirements is fully executed and your new web site is built to the highest standard of quality. While we manage through an agile SCRUM framework, we also recognize that this is not always the best solution for our clients. Through years of experience, we can also successfully manage your project through waterfall, phase gate, or any other preferred method of project management that you feel will lead your project to success.


We take care to make the daunting challenges like designs, structures and workflows easier for you by offering you 2D and 3D services at cost effective rates. Whether you are planning to own a house, a hotel, a spa or any other commercial establishment just reach out to us. We offer 3D CAD solutions which are meant for improving your architectural and engineering design work. Our experienced architects deliver outstanding 2D-3D architecture & engineering design software solutions for interior & exterior applications.

  • 3D Still Views
  • 2D CAD Drafting
  • 3D Modeling, Rendering (Still & Animation)
  • Interior/Exterior Design
  • Furniture/Product Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Logo & Voucher & Poster
  • Company Presentations


If you are looking for a game design service provider that knows game design and game development on the back of its hand, then go no further! SCAVION is the game design company that you have been searching for. We are leading edge game design services provider that designs smart phone and cross platform games for the innovative and game addicted generation. Today, you will understand that the mobile gaming is exploding as smart phones become more convenient to use and available to the exploding generation of youngsters, individuals, and professionals who are always on the move. By using 2D and 3D techniques including comic, animation, and photorealistic styles, we develop some of the most magical games on earth. SCAVION consists of game designers and mobile game designers who constantly think of the box and live and breathe mobile games. We thoroughly understand the psychology of games and how the mind responds to the various elements of the game. Some of the games that we design are:

  • Casual games
  • Educational games
  • 2D and 3D games
  • Edutainment games
  • Social media games
  • Scientific games


Database Management team can design and architect a solution based on a client’s specific needs and on a variety of infrastructure including dedicated physical hardware or a Hosted Private Cloud at any of Datapipe’s global data centers or utilizing and integrating with AWS or Azure public cloud resources.

The High Performance Database as a Service offering allows clients to quickly leverage database services on a managed database platform. During the engagement process, a consultation phase takes place to architect an appropriate solution combining AWS and Datapipe managed services to meet both business and technical requirements. SCAVION’s management tools facilitate data protection and restore operations. SCAVION deploys and maintains a client’s database, and manages the environment, including installs and patches, upgrades, and data backup. Integration between web and application tiers running on AWS and high performance databases running at SCAVION is facilitated through a Direct Connect to Amazon’s cloud computing platform. SCAVION’s certified engineers administer all layers of this build.