Graphic Design


Hammar&Chilsel is one the action gaming project.


KENZI is the top popular barnd market product.


CLIENT&DESIGN Based in Paris, Femme Fatale is a creative studio focused on culture, luxury, editorial & art


Also based in Paris (but looking for a job in New York), Alexandre Rochet is a French designer who's passionate about image and specialises in web design, identity & interface design. His site's packed with parallax effects and smart colour fades, but easy to get around with everything presented well.


Born in Seoul, based in Paris and raised by the 80s, Yul Moreau's site grabs your attention from the off with its splendidly garish background montage of retro video.

3D Parallex

This is one of the CLIENT&DESIGN project that lead to the award . this project is looking forward to Animation .