SCAVION is found on 1-6-2017 by PAF-Kiet student Talha Ahmed(Founder) and with partner & Co founder S.M Wasif rizvi.

SCAVION is a Multi-Tasking company. Its is a related to Creative Industry. Where we work for different organization . The service or plateform we give to our client to make their vision and thinking concept design to their real life soluiton.

Who We Are?

SCAVION makes continuing efforts to develope its business globally, however we do not forget that effective operations in local markets are a significant growth driver. Therefore, we have pursued an active acquisitions policy, aiming not only at geographical expansion but also at enhancing our competence in various industries. Whenever we enter a new country, we benefit from the knowledge and know-how of local professionals which, being combined with our international experience, enable us to successfully implement even the largest projects. Thus, we can become a reliable and valuable partner for every business.

Talha Ahmed
Front-End Engineer,3D designer,Game developer

S.M Wasif Rizvi
Web Designer&Graphics Designer

Arsalan Maqsood
Asp.Net developer,c#(App developer),Game developer